All about online roulette

By 21 January 2021

Roulette is a table-based game which is played between a dealer and one or more players. It can be played online too and for that you can open an account on . You can play roulette online for free or for real money.


How to play online roulette?

The croupier ( the computer) drops a white ball on a revolving roulette wheel placed on a table. This wheel is divided into 36 sections from 1 to 36. In European roulette, there is one more section, 0. In American version, there is a 0 and 00.

  1. the rules of roulette are very simple
  2. you need to learn all the strategies to master this game

When the ball is dropped, you have to lay a bet on the section on which the ball will finally rest. On the table there is a chart containing all the numbers from 0 to 36. There are some other sections too like Black/ Red. Odd/ Even, etc.

Inside bets online roulette

There are two kinds of bets in online roulette- Inside and Outside. Inside bets are laid on specific numbers on the wheel; these bets have low odds but high payouts. Some such bets are; a) Straight Up- When you bet on just one number. It pays 35:1.

b) Split Betting- you bet on two numbers. It pays 17:1. c) Street betting- Bet on 3 numbers and if you are successful, you win 11:1. d) When you bet on 4 numbers, it is called Corner betting, it pays you 7:1. e) Six line betting pays 5:1.

Outside betting in online casinos

These bets are laid outside the roulette number chart. Outside bets have high odds but payouts are lower than Inside Bets. These bets are laid out on Red and Black, Odd and Even and High and Low. Payout on these bets is 1:1.

Other Outside best are laid on Column or wagering on 12 numbers that can fetch you 2:1. In Dozen betting i.e. betting on first 12 numbers, your payout is again 2:1. All roulette tables have house edges. House edge is the mathematical advantage of casino on a game.

How to win online roulette?

First find a roulette table. One your table, a placard will tell you the maximum and minimum Inside and Outside bets. Generally, the maximum of Inside bets is lower than the maximum of Outside bets. This is because Inside bets have higher payouts than the Outside ones.

  • Find an online casino that is fair and trustworthy
  • Make an initial deposit

Each table will also have a card that shows the numbers on which the ball has fallen in the previous games. This is just for information only and don't get moved by these numbers. Every event in online roulette is independent and is not affected by history.

Skill and luck

You can't predict the number on which ball will fall. It majorly depends upon your luck, and patience. If you have a good budget, you can lay Inside bets. If you are lucky, you might win 35 times your stake value. Do you have bonuses?

With a bonus on your side, you could improve your chances of winning significantly. However, read the terms and conditions of the casino first. Use your bonus only if your website allows roulette in its list of approved games. Newbies should lay Outside bets to minimize risks.